What A Hoot! Coxsackie, NY. A cartoonish owl perched on a branch.

What a Hoot! 2020 has arrived!

Hello fellow Coxsackie Owl lovers! The Hoot of the Owl Committee has, just like you, been watching and worrying as the COVID-19 virus has wreaked havoc on our world. Realizing that the safety of the community and visitors must be our primary concern, we carefully considered the risks of moving ahead with the scheduled gala and auction, and the monumental effort it would take to keep everyone as safe as humanly possible. After thoughtful discussion, the committee members voted to cancel the event planned for October 3, and re-schedule it for a date in the late third quarter or early fourth quarter of 2021. The 2020 owls will be taken off their perches at the approximate time they would have been removed for this year’s auction date, and they will be re-installed in those same locations in the Spring of 2021, and a new gala and auction will be scheduled. It is our hope that many people will tour the owls in 2021 either for the first time, or for the second or third, thereby bringing folks back to the area to support businesses and shops that were adversely impacted this year. We also hope that the owls will bring in higher bids in 2021 so that our efforts to raise money for local charities will be much more impactful. We would like to send a big shout-out to our sponsors for sticking with us, and to the many talented artists for their time and talents. We are happy to share the owls with the public for many more months to come. Here's to a safe, successful owl auction in 2021! Thank you ALL for your support!

Our brochures have been printed, and we will be distributing them throughout town in weatherproof cases as well as with some of our sponsors. If you'd like to download a PDF of the brochure and map, click below:

Download 2020 Brochure

We now have miniature owls for you to order and decorate for yourselves! A part of the proceeds from the sale of these owls goes to the What a Hoot! committee to be used toward expenses and donations to charity at the end of the festival. The miniature owls are approximately 7" tall, by about 4" wide at the base. We've shown a sample here with Ellen De Lucia's owl "Liberty" from 2018. Click below to order your own! They are $39 each plus shipping. Order mini owl here!

Our winner for 2019's raffle owl The Owl and the Chickadee was Joseph B. Ellis. He was awarded the owl at Coxsackie's Christmas by the River on Sunday, December 1, 2019, when his winning ticket was pulled. The Owl and the Chickadee (by Sharon Lalor Askew) now happily resides at Joe's home in Coxsackie! We would like to thank all who purchased raffle tickets throughout the year. Your support has directly helped get this year's What a Hoot! Festival off the ground. We look forward to helping many local charities in October from the auction of all of our new owls. Be looking for the owls around town for Memorial Day!

Please keep visiting this website and our Facebook page for updates for 2020, including all pertinent dates and info!

People's Choice Voting Ballot

View a 2017 sample voting ballot. 2020 Ballots will be available in May/June 2020.

Download Ballot

Bidding Form

View the 2018 Off Premises Bidding Form Below. Our 2020 Bidding Form will be available in August 2020.

Download Off Premises Bidding Form

Gala Details

The 2020 Gala & Auction will be held on October 3 at the Coxsackie Yacht Club. Details will follow.

What is What A Hoot!?

What a Hoot! is a public art installation, sponsored by the Village of Coxsackie, and organized by the Hoot of the Owl Committee. Our goal is to raise money for various local charities. After the tremendous reception to our inaugural year, which also coincided with the Village of Coxsackie's 150th anniversary, the Hoot of the Owl Committee took the owl by the horns and did it again in 2018. In 2019, the committee decided that a gap year would be a good thing, so one raffle owl was created to keep interest going for the following year's festival in 2020.

Who created it?

The Hoot of the Owl Committee, chaired in 2017 by Joe Ellis, and sponsored by the Village of Coxsackie. Our 2020 chairperson is Donna Gianola.

Who are the sponsors?

See the list of 2020 sponsors. All 2020 Sponsors have been selected.

Who are the artists?

See the list of 2020 artists (See downloads page for Artist Packet)

Why owls?

It is believed that the word Coxsackie is a Native American word that translates to "hoot of the owl," and therefore, the owl is the symbol of the Village of Coxsackie.



Artist and Sponsor Packets Available

See the downloads tab.


Sponsor Packet and Payment Deadline

All individuals and businesses interested in being an owl sponsor must return packets and payment by November 1st.


Artist Sketch Deadline

The deadline for artists to submit an owl sketch with all accompanying paperwork.


Selection Reception date

Sponsors will choose their owl/artists at this reception open to artists and sponsors only.


Notification of Artists Selected Date TBA

Artists will be notified that they have been selected by a sponsor, and will pick up their owl to begin work. This date is approximate.


Completed Owls Deadline

This is the firm deadline for artists to return their finished owls. They will then be sent for clear-coating.


Owls Out for Memorial Day

We hope to get all owls on their perches in time for the Memorial Day Weekend.


Gala and Auction Date TBA

Our auction has been postponed until some time in late 2021. Please stay tuned for updates!


Our 2020 artists will hail from right here in Coxsackie, to neighboring towns in the Capital Region. It is time for potential artists to submit their sketches! This year's deadline for sketches is December 31, 2019

Download 2020 Artist Packet


Our sponsors will donate $500 each for the honor of sponsoring one of our beautiful owls. With that tax-deductible donation comes credit on the owl's name plaque. The money covers the cost of a primed owl, its mounting brackets, shipping, weather protection, artists supply fee, and promotion of the festival. Our owls wouldn't be possible without our very generous sponsors! After the owls have been displayed all summer around town, they will be auctioned off to the highest bidders at our Gala Auction near the end of September--dates TBA. **DEADLINE NOVEMBER 1, 2019**

Download 2020 Sponsor Packet


The Hoot of the Owl Committee is inviting you to be part of the celebration, too. Won’t you please become a What a Hoot! Supporter? Your donation will help Coxsackie’s festival soar by providing much needed funding for promotion, thereby ensuring success. While promoting What a Hoot!, the committee will also give you and your business recognition through social media and extensive advertising. We do hope that you will join us.

Download 2020 Supporter Packet

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